Saturday, June 5, 2010

Combi Baby Chair - Rashule

I realized that I forgot to mention the baby chair that we saw in my last post on Combi Shopping. While the nice lady was introducing to us the walkers, she also did introduce us to the baby chair. And wow, if she did not do the introduction, I would not have known that this baby chair has SO MANY FEATURES! The one she introduced us is the Rashule. A economy class model, she calls it. It is priced at $279 and you can use it from newborn to 4 years old. The business class model - Roanju retails at $479. A $200 difference. Same as the difference between Miracle Turn and Urban Walker, it is really just a higher premium with features that you can actually do without.

Some scans I took from the catalog. Click on the pictures for the high resolution photos.




Anyhow since I did some scanning, I might as well scan the other products that I bought.




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